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Hello! I would like to give you the warmest welcome to my blog. My name is Pete and last year, I decided to carry out some home improvements. Somewhat foolishly, I decided to try and carry out the work myself. As you can imagine, it was a bit of a disaster as I do not have many skills. Thankfully, I have a friend who works in the construction and contracting service. He called in some of his friends who were able to come in and fix up the mess I had made. I am really pleased with the results so I thought I would write about it here.


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Contractors Can Improve Your Home

Reasons to Choose a Custom Builder for Your Home

by Regina Barnett

If you're building a new home, you might wonder whether to choose a custom builder or go with pre-designed or pre-built options. Here are several reasons to go with a custom design.


A custom-built home lets you express your personality. You can incorporate your favourite elements into the layout. For example, you could construct an extensive north-facing verandah if you enjoy relaxing outside. Or lay timber planks throughout the home if that's what you love. A custom house allows for atypical preferences, such as clerestory windows. Your house won't be just a cookie-cutter structure, a repeat of many others in the neighbourhood. And you won't be paying for materials, some of which you may not especially like, as you might have to in a pre-built house.


Generic houses don't take into account the land size, shape and location. On the other hand, custom homes can make the most of a particular plot. On a hillside, a house can be built nestled into the slope with large windows to offer great views. Is the land you have in mind next to a park? In that case, you could design it with multiple balconies and slatted timber-look balustrades to enjoy the greenery and have privacy.

In a rustic, bushy setting, the builder can use materials and colours to blend. For example, they could design the house with earthy charcoal metal cladding, brown timber and muted green accents. The home and landscape can be created with the fire risk in mind. Or is the land you're considering next to a railway line? You could adapt a house to that situation. For example, opt for a unique floor plan needing fewer windows on the railway line side. And use state-of-the-art noise-insulating wall and roof products.


A custom home can also be planned around your unique lifestyle. You might have two people working from separate home offices, and both need a private entrance. A custom design can creatively allow for this. A pre-planned house doesn't offer the same versatility.

Alternatively, you may need a large home gym if you're a professional athlete or a personal trainer. If so, build a basement gym with large windows looking out onto a garden and a skinny lap pool. Or, you may want a place for friends and family to stay for a holiday. So, you want a self-contained bedroom with an ensuite and kitchen facilities. A custom builder can design for these unique lifestyle needs. 

For more information, contact a builder that makes custom homes.