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Hello! I would like to give you the warmest welcome to my blog. My name is Pete and last year, I decided to carry out some home improvements. Somewhat foolishly, I decided to try and carry out the work myself. As you can imagine, it was a bit of a disaster as I do not have many skills. Thankfully, I have a friend who works in the construction and contracting service. He called in some of his friends who were able to come in and fix up the mess I had made. I am really pleased with the results so I thought I would write about it here.


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Contractors Can Improve Your Home

Custom home building trends in Australia

by Regina Barnett

More Australians are choosing to design and build their own custom homes than ever before. Design trends are currently heading toward a return to older-style architecture and building materials, with a light look that still has a cozy and sturdy feel. Here are five trends that are currently en vogue with Australian custom home builders:

1. Go small to go big

Once upon a time large blocks and sprawling concrete houses were a big thing. However, the current trend is now toward smaller homes on smaller blocks. You may think this is a downgrade, but smaller homes mean less upkeep, more money saved and less negative environmental impact. A smaller home doesn't need to mean 'less'. Modern custom homes are designed to utilize all the space available in clever ways that give homeowners more quality of life. 

2. Just another brick in the wall

With a return to smaller houses and cosier feels, traditional building materials are making a big comeback in recent years. Bricks are back -- but the humble brick has had a makeover these days, and it is more versatile than ever. Modern bricks come in all sorts of sizes and shapes and colors to complement any style of custom home; however, it is the old-school charm of bricks that makes them such a current trend.

3. Put the walls up

Open plan living, which was once a huge trend, is now taking a back seat to more private-style room design, as walls come back into style at long last. Privacy and smaller spaces are the new trend in custom home building, with sound proofing of walls also the latest thing.

4. Let the light in

Whether it's the long rays of the winter sun or the bright light of Australian summers, Aussie homeowners are embracing the benefits of natural light and letting in as much as possible in their custom homes. Large windows and walls of glass that let the whole house become illuminated with sunlight are an architectural trend right now. As a bonus, this also keeps heating bills down. Don't forget sun rooms – custom home builders are bringing them back into style as well.

5. The butler did it

It's all coming back down to basics, and food is no different, with organic home-cooked meals becoming more and more popular. Many homeowners want to take advantage of custom design to allow them more space to store, prepare and cook food. Butler's pantries are becoming a huge trend in custom homes, giving owners more storage for food in an area that looks quaint and rustic and brings old-school charm back to homes.

Classic styles are on trend right now. If you are looking to build a custom home, keep the above custom home ideas in mind, and visit sites like https://www.seapointehomes.com.au for more information.